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Patient Care

Quality Patient Care makes real difference to our patients. Fear of patients and/or patients with complex implanted device(s) can make what we, as MR technologists, do challenging/ taxing. The manner in which we choose to respond and/or approach patient care makes all the difference.

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Don't Just Care, Provide Care

Patient care is often look at as less important than other areas of MRI. Our patient's are scared and need our comfort. If we provide this, they will make our jobs easier.

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MRI Learning

Explore the physics of MRI to obtain a better understanding of how MRI works. Review anatomy and learn how to make your images look better.

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MRI Safety

Review your MR safety knowledge and add to your understanding

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Gain Confidence In What We Do

MR Safety is one of the biggest parts of the job. Jump to this section to share you knowledge and maybe gain some too.

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