Are You Crazy or Miss Understood? (Personality Test)

Who am I?

Life is absolutely filled to the brim with mundane, routine stuff. But in healthcare…we work crazy…erratic…schedules…atypical hours…sometimes even going so far as to not getting that beauty sleep in….!  There’s a saying.. “life is not always a bed of roses” …You are going to face some ups and downs as you navigate your way in and around the world of Diagnostic Medicine.  Out in the field; we, the makers of MRI Buzz,  came to understand that the key to thriving in healthcare is: understanding that the singularity in the midst of a chaotic workplace is – YOU!

When Lexie was questioning her purpose – her identity- at the workplace, Matt helped her understand that there’s an end to every storm.  Regardless of the number of trees that may have been uprooted; the wind will once again hush, the clouds will part, the rain will stop and the skies will clear in an instant. But only; if you choose to turn all that loss, all those downs, all that pain into drive – the drive to save lives – the drive to make things better! 

And it all starts with YOU! You need to and you do have a good understanding of who you are as a person and/or as a healthcare professional.  After a hectic day at the hospital, taking a few moments out for yourself and meditating on “who you are” will only serve to help mold you into the best version of yourself and will also have an equivalent, reciprocal, effect on your work ethic and/or add to your understanding as a healthcare professional.

So…Are you ready to find out who you really are?!!  


Take Your Quiz And Learn More About You

The quiz found at offers a way to identify your personality. Find out how open and/or flexible you are. This quiz-in and of itself-can be long -but neat!

Your favorite color can tell a lot about “who you are” as a person. This quiz lets you pick your preferred colors from a grid. This is – then- used to determine your personality! 

This test, is personally, Lexie’s favorite! It requires you to partake in 10 activities that test your IQ! The end scores determine your intelligence quotient! Additionally, it tells you if you use more  of either the right or left side of your brain! One of the many tests that attested to Lexie’s eidetic memory skills!! Also how she got her nickname -“Lexie” – as an ode to the ingenious Grey’s anatomy character – Dr. Alexandra Caroline Grey! 

The quiz found at offers a way to identify your personality. 

How easy are you to work with? How do you behave in the workplace?

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What the heck does this look like to you!?

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