Crossword: MR Safety Part 2

1. When an implanted object absorbs RF energy.
2. Produced because of Lorentz's force.
3. These are used to prevent hearing damage.
4. A threat produced by the gradient coils.
5. Defines how to scanning an implant safely.

Crossword: MR Safety Part 1

1. The threat associated with the static magnetic field on an object.
2. A ferrous material that aligns to magnetic flux.
3. Defines the absorption of energy in the our patient per sequence.
4. Defines the absorption of energy in our patient for an entire exam.
5. A burn that occurs when a tissue touches the side of the bore next to the RF transmitter.

Crossword: Contrast Media Part 2

1. Placing a charge on a gadolinium chelate to make it more stable.
2. What all agents do to our patient.
3. The organ that excretes the majority of contrast media for most agents.
4. The magnetism of gadolinium.
5. When a gadolinium ions dissociates from a ligand.

Crossword: Physics 2

1. The direction of magnetic flux.
2. The type of contrast produced when measuring differences in longitude no recovery.
3. The type of contrast produced when measuring differences in transverse decay.
4. The wobbling motion of hydrogen.

Crossword: Contrast Media Part 1

1. The rate that an agent shortens T1.
2. A gadolinium ions is attached to a.
3. The active agent in most MRI contrast.
4. The process of attaching a gadolinium ions to a another molecule so it can be excreted.
5. The most stable way to chelate a gadolinium agent.

Crossword: Physics 1

1. He discovered that if you place in electrically conductive material in the presence of a changing magnetic field, current will be produced.
2. A material that is magnetized in the presence of a strong magnetic field.
3. The unit of measurement used to describe the strength of the static magnetic field.
4. What happens to transverse magnetization after excitation.
5. What happens to longitudinal magnetization after excitation.
6. Produces resonance in our patient.
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