Believe it or Not (MRI Facts)

MRI Facts and the Future

MRI happens to be quite the thought-provoking field with a myriad of components- often mystifying and confusing to all! Lexie’s mentor -renowned MR Safety Expert – Tobias Gilk, MArch., MRSO, MRSE (MRSC)™- once said; “While MRI does get increasingly complex with more scanners, more conditional implants to consider, and more pressure to scan patients with said implants; the prevention to the lion’s share of MR injuries, is in fact very simple.” 

We, the makers of MRI Buzz – Matt and Lexie- realize and cannot emphasize enough about the fact that the advancements in MR Imaging technology remain yet to be explored. MRI can; and will, do much more for Diagnostic Medicine and for Science as long as those of us in the field remain committed to safer imaging. 

The applications for MRI remain endless. Search the article bank for interesting articles or share your own.

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