Physics: Image Production

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RF Pulse

The RF pulse starts the process in motion. It will provide us a means to excite and refocus hydrogen in our patient.

Slice Selection Gradient

The slice selection gradient will be activated during RF activation and allow us to select a plane of imaging (Sagittal, Coronal, or Axial).

Phase Encoding Gradient

The phase encoding gradient will take the slice we created when activating the slice selection gradient and allow us to start filling it. 

It will localize a line in our k space to start adding data.

Frequency Encoding Gradient

The frequency encoding gradient will be activated when we are filling a line of our k space.

K Space

The k space is the data space where we place our patient echoes. 

We need to take this data set and convert it into an image. To do this, we use Fourier Transformation.

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