Physics: Secondary Parameters

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When we think about MRI and being an MR technologist in the field, we can easily get intimidated by all of the parameters that we need to understand and manipulate. This can bring about a great deal of anxiety.

Let’s take a closer look at this: 

Parameters: Image Contrast

The parameters applicable to image contrast influence our image weighting. These are often overlooked. But; to all intents and purposes, they are quite significant to MR imaging. Image contrast helps depict human pathology and anatomy in an accurate manner.

Parameters: Scan Time

Veteran technologist(s) that work at  busy facilities are known to be quite familiar with the parameters that control scan times. Such parameters do allow us to scan faster. However; they are accompanied by many reciprocal disadvantages.

Parameters: SNR

The Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) helps us see our image(s) without any artifacts of/related to noise. It is, therefore, important to keep our SNR balanced.

Parameters: Techniques

There are many other parameters, as well, that allow us to do different tasks for MR image optimization.

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