Physics: Vascular Imaging

Get That Blood Flowing!

Vascular imaging is a significant part of MRI. The ability to image vessels in our patients using non-ionizing means and/or non-ionizing radiation is quite…appealing! There are also techniques; within vascular imaging, that do not require the use of contrast media.

Time-of-Flight MRA


The Time-of-Flight (TOF) MRA is a great tool for visualing vessels in areas where our patients can hold still for an extended period of time.

TOF MRA involves both 2D and 3D imaging. Both have their; individual, benefits and limits.

Phase-Contrast MRA


Phase contrast MRA/ PC – MRA can be utilized for background suppression of tissues. It provides us with coherent and intricate images as well as additional data that we can work with. The issue; however, is that it can contribute to longer acquisition times and/or inaccurate VENC.

Contrast-Enhancement MRA


The Contrast-Enhanced MRA and/or CE-MRA is a tool that requires us to utilize contrast media. However; this type of MRA, can help us obtain better images and/or images with fewer technical inaccuracies. 

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