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Are You Studying For Your MRI Boards?

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Are You Preparing For Your MRSO Exam?

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Areas of Focus

MRI Registry Preparation

If you are preparing for your MRI boards and need help understanding concepts, we can help. Even if you do not know where to start, we can get you on track. Anything found on the ARRT MRI syllabus can be discussed.

MRSO Exam Preparation

The MR safety officer certification can be challenging. Let us help you prepare for your help. Anything on the ABMRS syllabus can be discussed.

MRI Physics Related Concepts

No matter if you need help understanding Faraday's law or diffusion weighted imaging, we can help. Any physics concept related to the understanding of MRI can be covered.

Parameter Manipulation

Image optimization is a very important concept. Understanding our parameters and what they do for our image can be difficult. We can help you understand parameters and how to use them to make your images look excellent.

MRI Cardiac Related Concepts

We can help you review image planning, pulse sequences, and parameters to give you the best chance at success with cardiac imaging.

MRI Safety Related Concepts

Understanding manufacturer conditions can be tricky. Also, performing risk assessments can be intimating. Let us help you succeed.

MRI as a Career Path

Are you interested in MRI? Do you want to know more about the field from individuals working in the field? Now you can ask your questions and understand what MRI has to offer you now and in the future.

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