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Get A Social Media Boost

Social media is one of the largest platforms of reaching people. Individuals on social media are active seeing 1000s of ads a day, asking relevent questions, and seeking help.

Especially with a niche market like MRI, it is important to reach these active users.

Our Network

We are building a vast network of different branches of social media and influences which may be able to help you.

Boost Your Message

We have the ability to boost your network and help you be seen by thousands.

How We Help

Our Very Own Influencer

Lexie is MRI Buzz’s major influencer. She is skilled at reaching masses of people. 

We will provide a post of your event or message on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Social Network Posts

Give Your Post A Boost

Facebook Boosts

With the help of AI tools and Facebook, we have the ability to target a demographic audience created from over 70,000 MRI interested individuals who are active in social media groups.

We can boost your post to this network.

Likes are great in social media however, shares are where your message is really seen. For every share, a new network of individuals will see your message.

We we have a growing network of individuals who will share your message to their network.

Boost Share

Social Post

Have an event or message shared to our complete social network.
$ 25 Monthly
  • 3 dedicated posts/month
  • Posts will appear on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram

Social Boost

Receive our custom active network
$ 100 Monthly
  • Everything seen on Social Post
  • Get a Social Boost to an additional 1500 facebook profiles
  • Have your post shared to our network of promoters and reach countless more.


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